Outdoor Tent Rentals

Outdoor tent rentals are a great convenient option for a variety of different needs, even if you aren’t planning a party at all. Our tent rental choices are an ideal solution for a variety of outdoor applications, and we offer tent sizing for several different event needs. Even if you are planning something outdoors that is not an event centered on having a great time, our best tents provide shade, as well as create a centralized area for any need. Choose our tent rentals and save more on any occasion, including:

• Garage Sale/Yard Sale
• Church Revivals
• Company Picnics
• Outdoor Book Sale
• Bake Sale
• Lemonade Stand
• Information Session
• Outdoor Recruitment Stand
• Corporate Events
• Concession Sales
• School Field Day
• Petition Signature Station
• Campus Club Signups
• Picnic Area/Temporary Pavilion
• Family Gatherings
• Outdoor Meetings
• Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies
• And much more.

If you need a break from the sun but not from the fun, then our tent rental choices are the perfect fit for your needs. Set up our tent, then bring out the cake and candles, or whatever else that you need to keep shaded, and experience the convenience of outdoor event planning the simple way.

General Pricing:
10×10 — $125.00
30×30 — $450.00
30×50 — $650.00
30×70 — $920.00
30×90 — $1,180.00

Frame Tents:
20×20 — $240.00
20×40 — $480.00

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